Hayley Clayton and I have a lot in common. We're both parents to two young kids and we're both working hard to get our new businesses off the ground in the limited spare time we have. Hayley, however, is excellent at sewing. The needles in our house are used to get splinters out of small fingers.

Hayley's goal? 

To create a fabulous ecommerce website to showcase her new range of children's clothes and enable customers to buy online.

How we went about it: 

This project was a real collaboration. Logan and Zoey is brand new, so we worked together to find the tone of her website and the best ways to display her gorgeous clothes. I wrote the majority of her copy across the site, including the product pages.

It took a couple of drafts before I found the right voice for her site, but the end product is great - funny, warm, and approachable.

How did she find working with me?

"Simply put, Anna is worth her weight in gold! I didn’t have the time (or patience) to create a website but Anna took it off my hands and created what it is today. 

Anna handled everything from copy, to photography placement, to advising me on what I could do to ensure my website reflected the essence of my brand.

Anna is amazing to deal with, she is patient, methodical, creative and always hits her deadlines. If you want your website to stand out from your industry peers, then Anna should be your first investment."

- Hayley Clayton, owner of Logan and Zoey Children's Clothes


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